Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movie Clip Monday

I keep saying that I feel so bad that Bilaal has so much video footage of himself at different stages of development and Sumayah... well I am yet to make her her first home movie. I just don't have the time or energy to grab the camera everytime or fight with some technical issue to get the footage onto pc or to sit tirelessly editing it into a more entertaining 'movie'. I also became less motivated when I realised that once it is watched once it gets stored away in some DVD case or folder and doesn't get watched again (well Bilaal and I often watch, but thats us!). So I decided that to inspire my movie making efforts again to give Sumayah and any other children that may or may not follow a fair 'showing' in the family movie repertoire, I would like to suggest an idea to fellow bloggers to do a video version of the wordless wednesday trend, and we can call it movie clip mondays! Now I realise that not everyone is into the whole upload video thing what with the fantastically fast and cheap internet service we have in coutries like South Africa (note the sarcasm), but if you are a willing and able blogger and have as many clips stored away somewhere and would like to share it with us here in the blogosphere (doesn't have to be every monday), then please join me in observing movie clip mondays. I will try to do my first post next monday.


  1. Hooray! this is a good idea and good news!

  2. Great idea, Tasneem! I have these little video clips on my cell that is ever so cute!
    I will be linking up :D

    I take note of your sarcasm! I can't even grin anymore about our poor Internet connections this side of the world! We are paying now for four months of ADSL, for which we only had one week of Internet. It is down AGAIN!AAAAARHHHH!